Hi everyone, we are back from Paris after having one of our best trips ever! I think you’ve seen on my Instagram Story how much fun we had and I can honestly say everything was pure HYGGE!Today I am sharing with you the venue for the wedding we photographed in Italy a few weeks ago, that being our main reason for our travel there.

I love destination weddings, everything is indeed so magical! And with a castle like this, it would be hard not to.

We took these photos after meeting the bride and groom, while scouting for locations for the photo sessions on wedding day. As you can tell, I felt pretty much in my habitat – roses everywhere! We are now heading to a wedding Norther Romania and on Sunday we have a wedding in Cluj, talk about getting bored this Summer, am I right? haha! But I love it!My Chloe inspired dress is by Zara and my sunglasses are D’Blanc. And I finally decided to start wearing my Valentinos, I am so affraid of ruining them though!

My lion earring are by Urban Outfitters and my ring is Ottoman Hands.

Lots of kisses from me to you, gotta run now! Ciao!

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