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Long time no talk, right? The past 11 days have been hectic, we had 4 weddings and 3 photo sessions in 4 countries! Needless to say we need a rest. Well, weโ€™ll try to settle for a 3 days break because we have another wedding coming up this weekend and 2 more next week. No real break @emmandclau until September haha!

Since blogging is just a passion of mine, hope youโ€™ll understand the lack of blog quality these months. But I hope youโ€™ll still enjoy my quick hellos and youโ€™ll leave me a short feedback after. ๐Ÿ™‚South of France is a dream place! If I could do a vacation every now and then, Iโ€™d pick Paris, London, Austria, Tuscany and South of France. By far my favorite places at the moment.On our way to Monaco, we stopped to visit Chateau Chevre Dโ€™Or (5-star hotel), the most serene place ever. We enjoyed some drinks while admiring the amazing Mediterranean Sea view. Too hygge my friends! We then had a walk around their insane garden and the old village nearby.ย  OUTFIT: Zara white pants and blouse, Asos espadrilles, vintage bag and scarf (from Vienna), vintage Dior earrings (from Nice).New NOAH wood watch! You can use code F83CLAU for 10% discount on all NOAH wood watches (here)! Donโ€™t forget to mention this code in Notes before finalizing your order on their website. We only spent a few hours in Monte Carlo, I actually really enjoyed our time there, itโ€™s quite different from any other place. Emm went and played the Casino, made a single bet on his birth date and won a couple of hundreds of Euros haha. Thank you for stopping by, Iโ€™d love to hear more from you girls, here or on Instagram! Bisous!

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