Hello again my friends!

I don’t event know how to start my blog post, it’s been a long social media I guess I’m gonna take it slow and pick my words carefully.

I’m going to get into more details about my away time later on the blog, but right now I just want to tell you I am so happy to be back! The break was everything I needed and more, it filled me up with such positive energy and it gave me a new perspective.

From now on, every week on the blog I am gonna touch down on 3 subjects: mind, body and soul. I think there’s so much more to life than wearing pretty clothes, so I want to share with you all things that touch my soul, things that enlighten my mind and things that make my body stronger and more beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy every aspect of our new journey together!  A mind changer these past weeks/months has been the Danish life philosophy – hygge. I want to encourage you to read The little book of Hygge by Meik Wiking and The book of hygge by Louisa Thomsen Brits. Two exceptional writings, soul touching and somehow mind blowing.

And what better way to celebrate my birthday last week than by going to the hygge motherland – Denmark. Oh, what a joy! Last year I took the celebration to the next level, garden birthday party and all (see here), but this time I wanted something less of a bother, something chill, yet exciting.

I am gonna tell you more about our trip in the blog posts to come, right now I want to show you our Copenhagen AirBnb (use this link for a 22Euro discount on your first Airbnb experience, anywhere –, how hyggelig, right?! As you can tell, they are obsessed with interior lighting, because lighting is key to achieving hygge.

This trip was so soothing for our souls, and I do think traveling makes one richer. Danes are known to be the happiest people in the world and let me tell you everyone was smiling at us on the streets, no one was in a rush, bikes everywhere! Made us feel so..light.(wearing my NOAH wood watch, find it here)As for the body, well we did a lot of walking around Copenhagen, I just feel like while we’re at home we never walk anymore, always driving around. We of course ate the most delicious organic food, which is everywhere, all organic everything. Their culture is so high standard!

Regarding my outfit, I’ve been obsessed with baker boy hats and berets lately, dungarees as well. It has to do with hygge and a bit of Parisian style I guess.I’ll stop here for now, it’s getting pretty late as I am writing this, but be assured I’ll have amazing content coming up next for you girls!

Have a great evening! Bisous!OUTFIT: Zara pink jeans, Revolve top, Topshop denim jacket, Asos beret, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dean Davidson castle ring, Dogeared leather bracelet, NOAH watch.

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