Hi everyone, hope you had a great start of the week!

I want to share with you this beautiful painting my one and only brother Claudiu made for me as a birthday gift. Isn’t he talented? You can find his work @etictattoo. He is specialized in tattoos!

I told you a few months ago I am going to start painting, well I am, hopefully these days. I used to love it when I was in middle school, and I feel like now it’s the perfect way to de-stress. I’d love to paint wearing this denim dungarees outfit, get really dirty and enjoy every moment of it. And of course listen to my old vinyl records in the background..Sounds like a perfect Saturday plan, doesn’t it?These paint brushes are vintage, I got them from Emm’s uncle who used to be an artist. I treasure each and every one of them! OUTFIT: Asos dungarees, French Kande bracelet (here), Sheila Fajl collar (here), Zara slides.The weather is getting warmer. So in case you missed my IG post, this week’s challenge is to go outside for a really long relaxing walk or for a 30′-1h run. It is pure therapy! I love running, I always have, I’d rather go for a 5km run 2-3 times/week than be in the gym. It is way more relaxing for me. Running, bike riding, tennis and swimming are by far my favorite sports. I also like practicing pilates and yoga at home. Getting your body moving is amazing, especially when doing something you actually enjoy. There will be 2 more blog posts this week, so please stop by again! Bisous my friends! PS: Do you like my hair like this? This is my natural length, no hair extensions.


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