Hey everyone,

These past days I was thinking about giving compliments and how easy or hard it comes to some of us. I remember staring at a girl in London thinking how much I love her outfit and then I just walked away. I decided I want to be that person who, at least once a day, puts a smile on someone’s face by giving a genuine compliment. Doesn’t have to be something complicated or life changing, doesn’t have to be something that has to do only with the way someone looks on the outside, it can be any nice thought that can make someone’s day better. I do believe it makes our life better as well and it helps us stay positive. I find that people who love themselves and are at peace with themselves are the ones able to see the beauty in others and take it one step forward by letting others know they are beautiful.

And if someone tries to compliment you don’t find excuses or act awkward, just smile and say thank you!

I hope you’ll give a genuine compliment this week! Bisous!
OUTFIT: H&M sweatshirt, Asos velvet skirt, Ottoman Hands ring (here).

Location: Granger & Co London

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