Hi everyone!

Another day, another blog post! This time I am sharing with you some photos of the living room from our Parisian AirBnb apartment. I am obsessed with Parisian interiors, everything is so glamorous and well made. That chimney was love at first sight, I wish I could fit one in our apartment, ah well! I love the old floors and the wood decorations on the wall. And that leather armchair is perfection! I truly enjoyed listening to some classic French music while laying on the couch in this beautiful living area.

I am for sure getting some decor ideas for our apartment, I mean how could I not!  I was not in the happiest mood while taking these photos because outside was pouring rain, but 5 minutes later the sun was out! And we went for a nice long stroll around Le Marais. To be honest, lately I’ve been into me being more serious in my photos, I don’t know why, but I like it.I have this tulle and lace skirt from Asos for over 2 months now and I was waiting for an excuse to wear it. I guess Paris is always the right excuse, isn’t it?

I am back to my feminine outfits if some of you were wondering why lately I wasn’t dressing like this as much, I guess it’s all about the vibes and the right place.

I am sorry it takes me so long to reply to all your comments and messages, wedding season is taking over all my time, I am even surprised I managed to edit these photos. So I’d love your feedback girls!


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