Happy Friday everyone!

I feel so “hung-over” this morning because we had the best time last night with some dear friends of ours. I love having a sleepover now and then, the best way to having the deepest of discussions and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. That’s what friends are for, right?I missed wearing my tulle skirts, you can shop them on my online store: here. Tulle skirts always make me twirl! This fluffy jumper is the softest, I got it from Asos but I am hoping to find another one at some vintage shop in Paris. This one feels a bit synthetic, so I am looking for the real mohair thing. I love our bedroom, these colors are so therapeutic! I know one day I’ll get bored of mint green/ turquoise walls, but until then I am truly enjoying the effect.Can you spot my new ring? Emm got it for me in Barcelona a few weeks ago as an anniversary present. We are going to celebrate 5 years of marriage next week, time does fly but when you are having a great time! By the way, next week I am also going to share some photos from our Barcelona travel, hope you don’t mind the delay, I loved our experience and I want to talk more about it. Love this vintage armchair! I got it at Nistor Expo ArtMy beautiful flower still staying strong, I have it since January, can you believe it?One last thing, I want to talk a bit about Korean face masks. I think I was introduced to Korean skincare a few years ago and ever since it got me quite intrigued. Korean women are known for their complex skincare ritual and for having great skin while getting older. One of their skincare steps is applying a face mask almost every day. I felt in love with their sheet masks and by now you can find them pretty much on every beauty counter. I get mine from Korean online shops in the US, but I know there are plenty online Korean shops in Europe, just google it. Even Asos carries some Korean skincare.

I feel my skin is looking way better since I started doing sheet masks and using Essence, another Korean secret. I suggest you research this topic and get your beauty ritual to the next level. If you are interested I could do a blog post about my skincare routine, I think I got it to where I wanted right now and my skin can really tell a difference.

I am in a hurry again, I have to start making (late) breakfast for the 4 of us now. Thank you for stopping by my friends, I think I’ll see you again this weekend. Lots of hugs!


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