Happy weekend everyone!

I am in such a hurry again, but I’ll hopefully be quick this time. I want to touch down on 3 things: yellow obsession, kitchen situation and our apartment plants and flowers. Yes, I am officially into yellow and orange. I never thought I’d be, but the fashion industry brain washing mechanism is doing wonders! LOL

So here I was on the hunt to buy new yellow clothes, yellow flowers, yellow decorations. I just love it! It’s so Spring and Summer appropriate! And since everyone looks good at golden hour, it’s pretty obvious yellow looks gorgeous on, as long as it’s the right shade of yellow or orange.I love spending time in our kitchen, I love how spacious it is, I love the colors and there’s always music playing from the living room. We are working on a new dining space, can’t wait to share it with you! Kitchen is Ikea. I bought this old watch from Iulius Mall Vintage Fair, and I love it because I used to own one just like this when I was little. Btw I am almost sure the vintage fair takes place this weekend, so go check it out if you’re in Cluj area, you can spot some treasures. I love my flowers, you might know this by now, they make me so happy. I keep buying more and more plants and I think I am going to turn our home into a jungle.

A few years ago I did not quite get my mother in law’s obsession with interior plants, but now we are on the same page regarding this matter. The more, the better! Say hi to my new baby! If you were wondering, I get most of my plants from Flower Time, near Vivo Mall.My beautiful Gardenia smells so divine! I keep forgetting to wear my French Kande jewelry more often, so this time I layered up. Find the necklaces here. Wearing my Luxy Hair combined with my Bellami Hair extensions. Pearl ring by AleliJewels (on Instagram), castle ring by Dean Davidson.Oscar Wylle glassesBeautiful pink roses from my mother in law, she always brings me flowers when stopping by. I like rearranging and moving around the flowers in our apartment, I enjoy getting creative and finding new ways to make our home even cozier and more HYGGE! Burning candles is such therapy..We made some changes to our living room as well, I’m gonna share more next week.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to live in the moment!


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